Patriots TE Rob Gronkowski's Arm Fracture Not Same As Last Time

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    For the second time in the past two months, Patriots tight end Rob Gronkowski has broken his forearm, and now, New England will be without him for the rest of the season.

    While the Patriots have taken some criticism for perhaps rushing Gronkowski back into action after the last time he hurt himself, the injury suffered last weekend isn't exactly the same, according to

    A source told the website that the break was not identical to the last fracture and that it "had nothing to do with whether the arm was ready or not."

    The original break was reportedly fully healed, and the new break reportedly occurred at the end of the surgically implanted plate used to help steady his arm from the last injury.

    More from “Because of the implanted plate, there will always be a risk to the area at the end, the source explained, because of a ‘collection of stress.' The injury could have occurred ‘three years from now' in the same spot, said the source.â€￾

    Source: CBS Sports
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