Patriots, WR Wes Welker Still Far Apart In Contract Talks

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    Ian R. Rapoport of the Boston Herald reports that a source has informed them that there’s yet to be a â€￾breakthroughâ€￾ in regards to the ongoing contracts discussion between the New England Patriots and WR Wes Welker. The two sides have been reported to be far apart in recent weeks, making the franchise tag seem all the more likely. Welker, 31, is trying to secure the first solid deal of his career but the Patriots have shown a reluctance to meet his salary requirements which could have something to do with the fact that his value to New England is most likely higher than to other teams. Welker would make $9.6 million guaranteed if the Patriots chose to franchise him. Rapoport mentions that the New England will still try to get a long-term deal in place and adds that the franchise tag “could mean they are close to a deal and want a few more days to make it happen.â€￾

    Source: NFL Trade Rumors

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