Paul Heyman On Why Edge Is The Best In The WWE Today

Discussion in 'Wrestling Talk' started by Inclulbus, Jul 4, 2008.

  1. Inclulbus

    Inclulbus WE ARE! .. Marshall!

    I agree 100% With Heyman. I believe, As I told one of my friends.. That was probably the first time I've ever wanted to see Edge lose a world title. If you're a true wrestling fan, You can't dislike someone cause they're a heel.. you have to realize that, without a " Bad guy ", There is no good guys. Edge is awesome at what he does, and I guess I've always respected him for that.
  2. ball in the baskett

    ball in the baskett First Team All Pro

    Edge is great as a heel or a face. he is really good at makeing people hate him like this thing with vicky he has going.
  3. Greg Brosh

    Greg Brosh Local Eagles Fan Fantasy Guru

    he is defintely a better heel than Orton. better mike skills too. Orton sounds like he's just trying to remember his lines.
  4. Jtracey10

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    Are you kidding. Orton is just as good a heel and has always been great on the Mic. Both are awesome.
  5. Inclulbus

    Inclulbus WE ARE! .. Marshall!

    I think Orton is decent on the mic, But freaking blows when it comes to " Wrestling ".
  6. Mike S.

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    i like Edge as a heel, he gets so much heat from the fans. i look for him to win the belt vs HHH at the Bash.
  7. eaglesrule4ever

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    edge is a best but im a HHH fan
  8. Greg Brosh

    Greg Brosh Local Eagles Fan Fantasy Guru

    HHH isn't going to lose the belt for quite awhile.

    KASSIE What's It to YA??

    Edge is good at what he does... period
  10. Crunkbuc4d1

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    Best in the WWE....HHH. Check the ratings when he's gone, compared to when he's around.

    Edge is becoming a great heel, but he still fails the appearence test. Meaning...does he look like the top wrestler? Jericho went thru this back in the day. But I give Vince & Edge credit. Edge has to have a manager/woman to complete his character. He'd never succeed as a heel if he didn't have that crutch to lean on.