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  1. It's final now/

    The decision's made/

    So I pack up and dip in the Escalade/ Cause I belong now/

    NFL passed me/

    You ask me/

    I'm so happy now/

    I hope that my Dad sees/

    The workin' finally paid off.

    -- First lines of the rap song "I Belong," by Jarrett Payton

    The telephone rang in Chicago and he didn't answer. He didn't recognize the number. The phone rang again and still he hesitated. The area code was foreign and he had no idea who was calling. The phone rang a third time and curiosity got the better of him. Jarrett Payton said hello.

    The caller identified himself as Jim Popp, head coach of the Montreal Alouettes, a team in the Canadian Football League. Payton moved swiftly to his computer and googled Jim Popp's name. A CFL Web site appeared on the screen, and as Popp continued with his introduction, Payton silently read the same biographical information that the coach was imparting almost word-for-word in his ear.

    Source: Linda Kay, Chicago Tribune
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    Lol thought it was payton manning or something at first. Cool cool though...