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    Dear Sports Fans,

    My name is Stephen Lilly, I’m an independent filmmaker. I’m also an alumus of Cal Berkeley football and before that a member of the 1992 team that started De La Salle High School’s 12 year 151 game winning streak.

    In 2000, I returned to De La Salle to film a behind the scenes feature length documentary about the philosophy of the Spartans’ winning tradition.

    7 years in the making and many obstacles overcome, “Perfect Effort” is now complete. It’s an inspirational story; it reminds us all that at its core, high school football isn’t about winning games it’s about growing-up.

    The film is a completely independent production (translation: I’m broke and all I have is this film) and will be released this fall online and at select theaters in Northern California. DVD’s will go on sale in Oct.

    In the meantime we’ve launched a grassroots campaign to get the word out and build our mailing list. We’re also looking for people to host “screening parties” across the country. This is a great way to get a sneak preview before the formal release.

    If you or anyone you know is interested in high school football or the story behind De La Salle success, please check out our website and join our mailing list. We have a trailer and some great clips available on YouTube under the channel “perfecteffort.”

    Thanks for your time.

    Stephen Lilly
    Director-“Perfect Effort”
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    Dude, that is sweet. Glad to have you on board.
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    sounds like a sweet film to me
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    Cool, but I hope this isn't the sole reason why you joined the board.
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    This is sweet..glad to have you aboard
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    thanks for the encouragement

    Thanks for the friendly comments everyone. It's a bit strange cavorting with Jets and Chargers fans as a devout member of the Raider nation, but I can put that all aside for some good discussion. I can't really talk down on any other team since mine is currently hanging out at the bottom but we'll see what happens in this coming season, I haven't been this excited for this team since John Gruden brought them up to an 8-8 season paving the way for their unfortunate SuperBowl meltdown. Anyway, thanks again everyone.
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    I also hope your sole purpose in coming here was to pedal your film, but we'll see.
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    That's one of the great things here. Meeting fans of other teams and discuss with them. Of course you can smack them up too :mrgreen: