Pete Carroll Announces Seahawks Draft Pick...

Discussion in 'Seattle Seahawks' started by 86WARD, Apr 21, 2010.

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    ...sort of...

    Carroll has been twittering songs all day to day supposedly giving hints to whom they are planning to draft...

    Pete Carroll (PeteCarroll) on Twitter
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    Its great for fan interaction
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    I don't follow twitter, keep us updated WARD.
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    I don't follow either, but you can just click on the link above to see.
  6. Evil Monkey

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    Looks to me like Pete Carroll is laughing at almost 400,000 followers. I wonder how many more follwers this shtick is getting him.

    Maybe it's in 80's hair band White Lion's song "Wait" because they have to wait and see who is available for them anyway. What's that Pete? "No reply at all?"
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    100 Vcash to whoever figures out who it is before the draft
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    I think it's cool of Carroll but it's probably worthless banter.
  10. VikingsFan28

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    Eric Berry
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    These songs make no sense at all.
  12. Trueseablue

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    :icon_eek:Just like all of you can sea to figure out,..anyone can and how does that sound for him to give everybody his plan:icon_rolleyes:
  13. Sweets

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    He supposedly said it was just banter and that it's not clues to who they are drafting
  14. cpgobrowns

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    Or is that what he wants you to think? :dontknow:
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  16. cpgobrowns

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    Jeez, Do I have to spell it out for you? It takes Big Balls to tweet your draft picks (and trades) a day before the draft. Back door man obviously means they are moving down. Calilfornia love means the team they are trading with is in California. Smooth criminal means they are gonna rip somebody off. Who's a team in California that could be ripped off in a draft day trade? That's right, the Oakland Raiders.
    Now, combine the first and last clues. Soul Sacrifice and Freebird. Who's been the heart and Soul of the seahawks? Who's the only Seahawk that the average fan would know? What are the first words of Freebird? "If I leave here tomorrow, will you still remember me?" Matt Hasselbeck's replacement is on the way. Jimmy Clausen is from California, so California love could mean this also.
    Jump around is a reference to the 2nd trade of the draft for them. One of the lyrics in Let the Beat Build is "Straight off the block with it, Eagle street to be specific." (Not gonna lie, had to look that up) So they are obviously trading the 14 pick down to the Eagles for the number 24. Crash Test Dummies run into things at a high rate of speed. Right around here they get their "lickin' stick." Not Taylor Swift but Taylor Mays. He was also born a week before Valentine's day, the soundtrack that Today was a fairytale is on. Pearl Jam and Mays are both from Seattle.

    In case you got lost in my unassailable logic, that's 2 trades. One down to 8 where they end up taking Clausen and one down to 24 where they end up taking Mays. Don't believe me? In Ring of Fire, the word down appears 12 times. Trading down 2 spots to 8 and 10 to 24 = trading down 12 spots.

    Still don't believe me? Don't worry, I have a source.

    Clausen and Mays. Can I have my vcash now? :icon_cool:
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    You can't have rewards unless you win.

    I may have lost.
  18. MadMoxxiFavGun

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    its taylor mays i tell ya:icon_smile:
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    Sounds like a plan.
  20. Mike

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    after the draft happens Ill pay out whoever was correct