Pete Carroll Says Seahawks QB Tarvaris Jackson Was Jerked Around By Vikings

Discussion in 'Seattle Seahawks' started by Sweets, Aug 8, 2011.

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    Seahawks quarterback Tarvaris Jackson never really got much of an opportunity in Minnesota after getting pulled in favor of Gus Frerotte in 2008 and then supplanted by Brett Favre for two years. Jackson is finally the starter in Seattle under former Vikings offensive coordinator Darrell Bevell. Seattle coach Pete Carroll named Jackson the Seahawks starter. “He has not been in a good situation,â€￾ Carroll told Mike Silver of Yahoo Sports. “He’s been jerked around. We wanted to put him in a stable situation.â€￾ Seattle general manager John Schneider was even more blunt: “He’s 28 years old, and quite frankly was [expletive] on for four years.â€￾

  2. DaBearsrule4ever

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    With Brett Favre the last two years, ya think?
  3. AtlantaBlazer

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    As inconsistent as he is, this is true. Let him get his 16-game audition, and when/if he fails horribly, that's it. But I think he may be determined to make himself a decent QB, cause he actually can be if he just cuts down on the stupid butt impulse throws.
  4. TheSnowman

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    He's definitely had talent and had a poor run of things in Minnesota.

    Still laughing at Carroll saying Jackson got crap-on for four years.
  5. Sweets

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    [MENTION=3072]TheSnowman[/MENTION], actually it was Seattle general manager John Schneider that made the crap-on comment about Jackson.
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    Lol. Funny thing is if he doesn't play at a high level this year, the Hawks are going to crap on him next year by either drafting a QB high or signing/trading for a stud QB.
  7. TheSnowman

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    Yeah I wasn't reading closely enough to catch that
  8. Chipper10

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    Vikes crap on him? I thought he was just black. ;)

    But, seriously. They wanted a proven QB in Favre. It worked out the first year, not so much the second. Tavaris will seemingly get his chance in Seattle, though. If he succeeds, then and ONLY then should that comment have been made, but not until he proves he's anything more than a bench warmer.
  9. AtlantaBlazer

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    Well Childress did yank him every single time he made a mistake instead of letting him play through it. It's kinda obvious that dude's psyche isn't that great after all that and maybe a freshstart where he IS the guy will help him out a bit. He's only got to win 8-9 games in the NFC West to be billed as "successful"
  10. Chipper10

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    or 7, like last year. Then put the defending superbowl champions out. >.> Ugh. But, yeah. I'm sure it wasn't good for him. Childress is an idiot, anyway.
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    T-Jack is a great guy, and I hope he does well, however... Terribly inconsistent, and easily flustered. A couple hits and his mechanics went to crap, he'd become Jump-pass-Jackson. Childress definitely knocked him around a bit, but nothing he shouldn't have been able to deal with. He's also made of glbutt. He was injured in every season (or preseason) except his rookie season, including three separate injuries in 2007.
  12. Crowned

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    I thought it was Favre who jerks around, and then sends the pictures.