Petition to retire Roger Craig's #33

Discussion in 'San Francisco 49ers' started by Walnuts, Sep 13, 2007.

  1. Walnuts

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    Sign it kiddos!

    To: John York, San Francisco 49ers

    Roger Craig was one of the most influential running backs in the history of the game. He was the first to ever have a 1000 receiving yard/1000 rushing yard season (only Marshall Faulk has done it one time since), the first and only running back to ever lead the entire league in receptions, the first and only player in league history to make the Pro Bowl at both fullback and halfback, and most of all was a very significant leader and gamebreaker in 3 of the 49ers championships in 1984, 1988, 1989 - holding several Super Bowl records for touchdowns as well by the time his career ended.

    His work ethic was second to none, as he took Jerry Rice under his wing as a rookie using his incredible workout regimen. His tenacity on the field was second to none, as one play he'd brutally run over opponents and another he'd use his speed and agility to fly right past them on the way to the end zone. When he retired, he held the franchise record for most rushing yards in a season, most combined yards in a season and finished second all time career rushing.

    It's an absolute travesty that he isn't in the Pro Football Hall of Fame, but an even bigger travesty that the franchise he helped carry - the San Francisco 49ers - have not retired #33.

    With due respect to all of the other greats this franchise has had, Roger Craig is the greatest and most influential running back that the 49ers and the Bill Walsh Offense has ever seen. Craig is a humble man, and unlike certain other athletes, has not complained nor put on a big show for his historical recognitions.

    We emplore to the entire San Francisco 49ers franchise and all that have been involved with the organization, namely John York and Denise DeBartolo York:

    Give Roger Craig his deserved due. Retire and Honor #33.
  2. DoubleC

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    I think retiring numbers is overrated. I prefer having the name and # of the former greats around the field as it's the case is most stadiums. Plus, one of the consequences of having too many retired numbers is that you may see WRs (for example) with numbers in the 10s.
  3. frost

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    Exactly I feel the name should be added to something like a "ring of honor" however keep the number alive.
  4. SuperBeast

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    I think the New York Giants should retire his #.....
  5. GawdZeeRaa

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    Meh... wait'll he gets in the Hall. Matter of fact, since 12's already back on the sidelines, start using 87 again until Clark gets in, too.
  6. nixaler

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    If Dwight Clark got his number retired then Craig definitley deserves to have his retired. But I do agree with DC though... You retire too many numbers then soon the skill position players will be wearing numbers in the 60's.
  7. GawdZeeRaa

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    Yeah, I'm definitely on board with the "Ring of Honor" thing in lieu of retiring more jersey numbers. With this team's history, you could make a case for a lot more... Rathman, Jones, Taylor, Francis, KT, Wright, Dean, Haley...
  8. Walnuts

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    Sure, those guys were great players, but none of them had an impact on the game like Roger Craig did. He (along with Walsh) changed the way that both coaches and fans viewed the running back position. The Walsh Coast offense made use of the running back as both a receiving and running threat like nobody had before, and Craig fit the part to a T. NOBODY, I repeat, NOBODY had done what he did as a muti-dimensional threat out of the backfield before his day, and before he was on the team, not even Walsh had considered using a running back the way Craig was utilized. If it was not for Roger Craig, the Marshall Faulks, Brian Westbrooks, and Steven Jacksons of the world would be benchwarming scatbacks, dying of underutilization behind guys like Jamal Lewis, Jerome Bettis and Corey Dillon. The game is more exciting and dynamic today because of what Roger Craig did 20 years ago, and there aren't a whole lot of players who can lay claim to that. He might not have the big overall career rushing stats, but you have to look at the impact his entire career had on the game today and then consider your petty dismissals.
  9. BarlOwens

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    I agree with the previous statements...I don't think it should be retired...but obviously he should be honored in some fashion...
  10. truelife

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    i signed simply because he deserves to be honored in some fashion
  11. Chrisbob

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    Craig was one of my early favourites when I first started watching football. As well as a tough runner (loved that high knee action) he was a fantastic receiver and beause of playing some fullback, he was also a good blocker, always an underrated part of a RB's games.

    As far as retiring number goes, I agree with what DoubleC said, but on the flip side, you could do something like the year they are inducted into the 'ring of honour', having their number not used that year.
  12. HailttRedskins

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    I signed it, even though I have no idea who he is lol.
  13. Platoon 86

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    Okay, here's a quick read on who Roger Craig is.

    Craig was with the 49ers in 3 Super Bowl victory's. He started out as a Fullback, blocking for Wendall Tyler, then later becoming a Halfback as Fullback, Tom Rathman blocked for him, who was a hell of a FB. Craig was known as a tough runner, known to do some good damage with his knees. He would use his knees like how a boxer would use his fists. He was a key weapon for the "Team of the 80's." You could spot him running when you looked at his eyes, which would nearly pop out of his head. Craig often joked that he looked like he had seen a ghost when he ran. He's also famous for fumbling in the NFC Championship game with minutes until victory, which cost the 49ers the game and a chance for a "Three-Peat", but Craig was a great weapon for the 49ers back then. He was also the first to get 1000 rushing and 1000 receiving yards in a single season.