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  1. hb7

    hb7 Feb 28th, 2016 Premium Member

    I have to start 3 WRs of this group (PPR):

    Davonte Adams [avg 7 ppg] @ NO (matched up against a weak Patrick Robinson/Corey White)
    Marques Colston [avg. 10.2 ppg] vs. GB (GB possibly without CB Sam Shields)
    Larry Fitzgerald [avg. 9.2 ppg] vs. PHI (matched up against a tough CB, Boykin)
    James Jones [avg. 13.7 ppg] vs. CLE (matched up against a healthy Haden possibly?)
    Justin Hunter [avg. 8 ppg] vs. HOU (does new QB Mettenberger give Hunter relevance?)

    I am not thrilled about any of these guys but I am super worried about Fitz & Jones as they are possession receivers going against "shut-out" corners. Fitz has only been receiving like 6 targets a game too. Davonte Adams has a nice opportunity on paper but he can be a huge bust, he has not seen many targets this past 2 weeks.

    Thoughts on which 3 I should start?
  2. Greg Brosh

    Greg Brosh Local Eagles Fan Fantasy Guru

    I think Hunter is FINALLY going to break out going forward. Mettenberger has a huge arm, which plays into Hunter's ability to get downfield. He one guy to start.

    Colston would be my second with Graham still not at 100%. My last one would be Fitz. Adams doesn't have consistent playing time every week. Jones' matchup isn't great.

    So Hunter, FItz, and Colston.
  3. hb7

    hb7 Feb 28th, 2016 Premium Member

    Adams played on 49/62 snaps last week compared to Boykin's 13/62 and before that he has been on the field for about 74% of GB's offensive snaps. He seems to be getting playing time but just not the looks the past 2 weeks. With a top CB on Jordy my thoughts are that Cobb & Adams could carve it up in a shootout. Here's a quote from Rodgers... "Davante, he’s open on film a lot. He’s run a lot of good routes. He only had one catch last week, but if he stays confident and keeps making plays like he’s doing in practice, the ball is going to keep coming his way."

    Hunter has been just so unreliable so I am worried about him. To be honest I didn't even consider starting him after his disappointment in my lineup last week. The QB situation could be big though... I would love a breakout.
  4. hb7

    hb7 Feb 28th, 2016 Premium Member

    Please don't post stuff from other fantasy sites. thanks :)
  5. Greg Brosh

    Greg Brosh Local Eagles Fan Fantasy Guru

    Adams will continue to outsnap Boykins for the rest of the year, but he's either a home run hitter or a flop. He's had 2 touchdown catches in the past 3 weeks, but it's been from 2 catches. It's sink or swim with him.

    I still have to stick with Hunter on his chemistry with Mettenberger during the preseason.