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  1. Waldo

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    10 team essentially a two QB league 2RB, 3WR, 1TE, K, & D/ST

    Hard to pass on Luck or Rodgers with 1st pick in 2QB league, but I've been thinking of going 0RB. According to league history taking Luck at 1.1 leaves me WR7 or 8 at picks 2.20 3.21 with the likes of AJ Green, Alshon Jeffery. Are these guys studly enough to be worthy of passing on a RB here?

    Starting with 1.1 WR1, A Brown, looks like it would leave me around QB6-8 at 2.20 and 3.21

    Any thoughts on how you'd go with your first few picks with this draft pick this league?
  2. terpshockey21

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    you cant pass on a qb at 1.01 in a 2-qb, they are far too valuable. players tend to drop further in a league with 2 qbs so you might be looking at some very nice value in rounds 2 and 3, especially in 10 team leagues as opposed to a 12 team league. with the full point ppr setting, you can find value later in the draft with guys like woodhead, spiller, vereen, helu that locking up your alpha dog qb and potentially back to back wrs in 2/3, you can set yourself up for consistent success.

    its early, but here's an idea of 2qb adp to help you plan: http://draftwizard.fantasypros.com/nfl/adp/mock-drafts/overall/2qb-std

    if the draft falls the right way, you can be looking at:
    luck/rodgers at 1,
    2 of matt ryan/julio jones/calvin/odell/jordy/hill in rounds 2/3
    2 of miller/ingram/hopkins/abdullah in 4/5

    thats a pretty nice start if you ask me
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  3. Waldo

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    Thanks for the link terp, that'll be useful. Although I know from draft history Jordy, Odel and Julio will likely not reach me in rnd 2-3.

    So back to my question....would you consider the combo Green, and Alshon at picks 2.20 & 3.21, a strong enough WR tandem to wait on QB2 and RB at picks 4.40 & 5.41?
  4. Samson

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    I agree in a 2QB you have to take QB with the first pick. With the fluctuations in draft position because people going early on QB you will be able to get players that in other drafts would not be there at the end of the second. Alshon and Green are both the number one guys so I would be comfortable with them. Alshon may have White to contend with down the stretch, but White maybe out the whole season. With it being a PPR I would be comfortable with a pass catching RB rather than the bell cow. Really, just play it by ear at the 2/3 turn go with value don't lock yourself into a one track mind the draft is fluid so just go with it.
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  5. Waldo

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    Thanks Samson...makes sense
  6. 86WARD

    86WARD -

    Aaron Rodgers with Cobb or Nelson as a third round pick would be a nice set up. Stick a RB in between in round 2?
  7. Waldo

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    Thanks 86.... Like Samson said....go with the flow.
  8. SNPokc

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    Forsett should be a good PPR RB to get later in the draft. Look how often Trestman used Forte in the passing game last year. I agree, Luck or Rodgers pick 1.
  9. Waldo

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    Thanks SNP.. He's definitely on the radar....What do you guys think of the 0RB draft plan in this situation?