Plaxico Burress Moved To Oneida Correctional Facility

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    New York, where he'll now be staying in a luxurious prison known as the Oneida Correctional Facility. The New York State Department of Correctional Services tells us Plaxico was moved from Ulster Correctional Facility in Napanoch, NY this morning and taken to his new permanent home at Oneida, which is in Rome, New York. We're told Plaxico -- who was sentenced to two years in prison last week -- will be separated from the general population and staying in the long-term protective custody unit.

  2. ball in the baskett

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    bull crap
  3. themush

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    Gee, imagine that. Money makes the world go round.

    I knew he would get a soft cell.
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    Everyone here has seen Goodfella's right? Don't put too many onions in the sauce.
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  5. warcrychief

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    how is that going 2 help him? who knows what he will do next? he has another leg lmao
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    This is just the beginning. He is not housed in a US Government quasi golf course just yet. That may come down the road later in his sentence. He has to go through due process. His special treatment may be solitare.
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    Viva la capitalism!

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    For his charge, why not?
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    To be protected from himself? :icon_cheesygrin:
    This just goes to show once again that "white collar" crime is different from peasant crime.
  10. 86WARD

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    Do we really care that much??
  11. SoDev

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    Not really.
  12. wide right

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    Nothing in Rome, NY is "luxurious". Talk about the land that time forgot.
  13. ollysj

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    The ridicolous thing is, that he has to do some time in jail for a minor infringement. did he had some leagal trouble before?
  14. wide right

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    No. The reason is New York City gun laws are very strict.
  15. Tarkus

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    These strict/inflexible laws are usually derived from the public outrage at real criminals getting off too light & going right back to business.

    Then you have what happens here...overkill.
  16. ollysj

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    That's awful, he better sell drugs next time or drive somebody over :eek:hboy: