Players Originally Asked NFL For $2B In Concussion Settlement

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    The common consensus from the NFL's concussion lawsuit settlement was that the players were smart to get a deal but that they didn't exactly hit the jackpot with their $765 million global payment and that logic is only further backed up if the money is, as reported, less than half as much as they originally wanted.

    ESPN reported Saturday night that the players, once mediation began, "demanded slightly more than $2 billion to settle the case."

    The NFL declined to settle at that number and according to "Outside the Lines" the league told the players' attorneys it would prefer to gamble on the case at trial.

    A source told OTL that the majority of the players' case "real danger of being dismissed," which would've been a huge blow for a large group that desperately needed an influx of cash for personal healthcare.

    Source: CBS Sports
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    nfl is expected to make 25 billion yearly by 2025,they could have paid the two billion and never freaking messed it greedy bastards.
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    :)) that is so funny. I can't comment here...