Predict This Years Key Team Injuries

Discussion in 'NFL General Discussion' started by Digitool, Jul 5, 2007.

  1. Digitool

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    I'm going to start and say that i think, and have a feeling, that LT will get injured... same with A.Boldin on the cards, Vince Young, Randy Moss, Deuce McAllister... and my hopeful is : Steven Jackson
  2. nastynate184

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    Well Vince Young is a given being coverboy and all. I think the madden curse is going to get LT too for passing on the cover. and if the niners relay too heavily on gore i could see him go down too after his past history of injuries in college.
  3. Platoon 86

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    I think Trent Green's likely to get injured behind Miami's line. If Culpepper plays anywhere I think he'll get injured, maybe Shaun Alexander but that's just a guess. Maybe "The Madden Curse" will take Vince Young out, hopefully not though.
  4. Digitool

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    oh yeah... something will take a BITE outa mike vick lol... some pretty good predictions, i like the trent green one... he doesnt stand a chance
  5. Dam8610

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    Name 5 players other than Julius Peppers for the Panthers, and at least 2 of them will end up injured.
  6. Digitool

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  7. linz_renee

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    I know it's not super key, but I predict Adrian Peterson... He's good, went high in the draft...

  8. DawkinsINT

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    I won't name anybody for karma reasons.
  9. FZ06

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    I know it's been said, but I can see Vince Young's knee exploding on week 3 and the Titans falling to 3-13.