Predictions for the Bowl and props?

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    I already have a steak dinner wager with a buddy on the Pats so I probably won't be wagering on the outcome of the game... but rather some props.

    Anyone seen anything they love yet?

    If the Pats are gonna win this thing, I think a few things have to happen:

    1) Brady should get some calls. I mean, why not. He's got star power. The Rams line should put plenty of pressure but if he gets an early whistle call, i.e., roughing the passer, I think that could mentally stop LA from being aggressive. For that reason, I like a roughing the passer called on Brady at plus money.

    2) I also think the Pats D could throw some tricky looks at Goff. They're going to have to force the kid into mistakes. I haven't seen over/under numbers on Goff picks but I'm not opposed.

    3) Plenty of MVP props but Michel is coming back a good number. Again, if the Pats are going to win this thing, they'll have to move the ball and keep LA on their toes. Plus there's the whole Michel-Gurley Georgia rivalry. Michel may want to prove he's the better back.

    Just my thoughts but I think these stabs have value.
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    I saw the o/u on Goff's interceptions at 1.5. I'd take the over.

    Of course Brady will get some calls. Every time a team is blatantly helped by the refs, it gets screwed the following week. Like the Cowboys in the '14 playoffs, when a very questionable PI wasn't called against the Lions (not as clear as the Rams one, but still). One week later, Dez caught it...until the ref said he didn't.

    I expect Bellichick to do what he always does and take away what the Rams do best, which is run the ball. He'll shut down Gurley and Anderson and will dare Goff to win the game for the Rams. He won't. I think he's not that good and only manages to play well because McVay reads the defense for him (the Rams always line up with 20-25 seconds in the play clock, so McVay can take a look at the defense and talk to Goff before the 15-second cut off).

    I think this will be the one Super Bowl in the Bellichick/Brady era that will be decided by half time. I just don't see how the Rams will hang with them, let alone win the game. know...what the hell do I know, right? If I'm wrong, only 2 people read this xD.

    PS: I'm still officially rooting for the Rams. I have a soul, after all...
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