Pressure Builds On Titans QB Jake Locker To Improve Play

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    Playing with poise under pressure is a distinguishing characteristic for any pro athlete, but it’s especially essential for quarterbacks.

    Heading into his second season as a starter, Jake Locker is looking to make strides in that department after suffering his share of struggles against the pass rush in 2012.

    The Titans quarterback had one of the league’s lowest completion percentages when under pressure, and he also trailed most of the field in the percentage of times that pressure led to a sack.

    One solution is simply making quicker decisions, even if it means tucking the football under his arm and using his swift legs to eat up yardage.

    “The priority for me this year is just playing faster, whether that’s through my progression or decision-making,†Locker said. “Not waiting to make it to where I was like, ‘Oh man, if I’d decided to run there, I could have made a good gain, where now I got sacked.’ … It’s just trying to make it a little bit faster to make those plays more productive.â€

    As he continues to mature as a quarterback, Locker sounds as if he’s on board with the advice of his coaches.

    “Instead of holding onto it and trying to make something big out of it, take five yards and have second-and-five,†he said “That’s a good down and distance for our offense. We like being in that situation. And over the course of the season, I think those are plays that allow you to continue to stay on the field and continue drives and help you to win games.â€

    Source: The Tennessean

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