Pretty solid new book on Daily Fantasy Sports out...

Discussion in 'Fantasy Football Advice' started by SportsChump, Mar 28, 2017.

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    sounds like you gave the book a read through... is Daniel playing tournaments or cash games? Both? In any event, well written plug for the book. Are you an Amazon Aff?
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    After years of running the site, this book distributor found me. They send me free copies of books before they're released (for free, which is pretty sweet) just to do online reviews of 'em.

    This was the latest they sent.

    Yea, man. It's a pretty solid read, definitely worthwhile for anyone who delves into DFS.

    He ends up doing both tourneys and cash... for some high stakes but I don't want to spoil it.
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    well.. maybe you can/will tell me this.. was his "pro" success found in tournaments (the large field multi-entry stuff) or grinding out cash games (head to head or small fields)?

    If that book distributor would allow it, you should/could try Amazon affiliate program to turn those Amazon clicks into buys... then again.... 5% of a $20 book... might not make you get up in the AM
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    I don't wake up in the AM anyway, Kurt, lol. Such is the life of your friendly neighborhood bartender.

    He ultimately made money at both but found his big money was made at the end in those bigger tourneys... and believe it or not, it was off hockey, where there were considerably fewer entrants and variable. He also warned, however, that there were really no checks and balances so sharks could enter multiple tourneys with multiple lineups, covering their asses and ensuring a payout in the end.

    Another thing I found interesting is that established players would sell off percentages of their lineups. There was plenty of that going on amongst the sharks.

    The system really favors the sharks, so much so that it's no wonder I've never won a dime off DFS.
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    I'll take a Guinness sir..

    They would "sell off percentages"... as in.. they would literally sell (for money) lineups to other pros?

    I really didn't start having success until I starting playing 100 to 200 lineups per tournament... my overall earnings from the 2016 NFL season was 3x and that's all tournaments. My winning weeks usually ended up being a 2x to 4x payout. My losing weeks were usually breakeven or just below breakeven with the occasional +60% loss.

    After playing DFS Golf last week, and just using the Vegas Odds as my measuring stick, I pulled down 10 bucks in a 4 dollar tournament with 150,000 participants. I can see how the smaller sports would be much easier to "game", like NHL.
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    I'm impressed, man. I didn't realize you were that knee deep into it. I think you'd definitely dig the book then.

    And yea, they'd sell off percentages of their lineups to hedge their bets and ride someone else that was hot.