QB Alex Smith Says 49ers Flirtation With Peyton Manning Served As Motivation

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    The San Francisco 49ers and Smith were slow to agree to a contract deal. And before they did, the 49ers pursued Peyton Manning, who eventually chose to sign with the Broncos. Smith today re-iterated that there were no hard feelings between him and Harbaugh. But he did allow that the episode was "a little awkward" and will serve as motivation. "Certainly there are a lot of forms of motivation," Smith told Matt Barrows of the Sacramento Bee, who eventually signed a three-year deal with the 49ers. "I guess that's there a little bit as far as motivation." Smith said he didn't ask Harbaugh, who is back from a recent home-building mission in Peru, to caddy for him. Harbaugh and his staff will be preparing for training camp at the time.

    Source: The Redzone

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