QB Ben Roethlisberger Should Alter Approach For Steelers

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    If Ben Roethlisberger is frustrated with the stagnation in the Pittsburgh Steelers organization, the feeling might just be mutual.

    NFL Media columnist Michael Silver reported on NFL Network's "NFL Total Access Kickoff" on Thursday that the "biggest obstacle" to Roethlisberger staying in Pittsburgh long-term is the quarterback's unwillingness to change his playing style as he enters the back-nine of his playing career.

    Source: NFL.com

    ICECOLD's Take: I'd think the biggest obstacle would be Todd Haley
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    Not that everything was perfect in Pittsburgh, but since the arrival of Todd Haley this organization has taken a nose-dive. Maybe Ben's tact for people knowing he's not happy with the OC could have been better, but in the end he hasn't been wrong.
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    Hasn't been wrong at all...
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    Don't care. Just throw 50 times this week. (Bye week sub)