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    I'm getting hurt by QB play, I currently have Goff and Foles, who I picked up for Trubisky. I am in the playoffs with a record of 9 - 3, no thanx to QBs, and don't play in Week 13. I am going to invest another $12 in a drop/add. So here's the question: Darnold and Dalton are the only usable QBs available. Which would you pick up and would you drop Goff or Foles??

    Starters: QB - Goff, RB - Elliott, WR - Chris Godwin, Flex - Aaron Jones, Thielen, TE - Kittle, K - Fairbairn, DEF - BAL
    Bench: QB - Foles, RBs - Ty Johnson, Chase Edmonds WR - Metcalf, Curtis Samuel,TE - Graham, K - Maher, DEF - TEN (Must have Min 2 rostered each position)
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    Im Im actually considering playing Foles vs TB over Ryan vs NO this week. will do rankings tomorrow ish if not Thursday. Really depends on Lattimore's health.

    Id grab Darnold over JG at this point but double check that schedule 1st