Quincy Carter- A Depressing Story

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    Source: Mac Engel, Star-Telegram.com[ Full Article ]

    SHREVEPORT, La. -- Quincy Carter has $50 riding on his next game. That's his bonus if his team wins, and it's a nice supplement to the $200-per-week salary for playing in arenafootball2.

    Sitting by himself inside an aging locker room at Independence Bowl Stadium, Carter doesn't think about this. Constantly tearing at a callous on his right palm, he tries to occupy his mind with thoughts of what is rather than what was.

    "I don't think about it every day, but almost every day," the former Cowboys quarterback said. "Dallas was a dream come true to me. I just didn't know it at the time. I can see now how big it was."

    From Shreveport, La., and playing for the Bossier-Shreveport Battle Wings, Carter can see the scope of his life now. The starting job for America's Team. The 10-win season with the Cowboys in 2003. The failed drug tests. The hubris. Being cut. A one-year stint with the New York Jets. The failed try in Canada. The arrest. The humiliation.

    And now this. He plays in the minor league's minor league. He plays home games in an arena that hopes to soon eclipse the 5,000 mark for single-game attendance. His team can't practice in its home arena because Shreveport's Central Hockey League team is in the playoffs.

    He turns 30 in August. He has three kids. He's almost out of time.
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    It's his own fault. He should have been able to control himself.
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    Who will cry for him?