Raiders DT Tommy Kelly Caught On Camera Saying Cardinals QB Kevin Kolb Is 'Scared'

Discussion in 'Arizona Cardinals' started by SRW, Aug 17, 2012.

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    Kevin Kolb already appeared on his way to losing the Arizona Cardinals starting quarterback job to John Skelton, and what microphones caught on the sidelines during Friday’s exhibition game against the Oakland Raiders won’t help matters. After Kolb was taken down by multiple Raiders defenders early in the second quarter, the audio of the Raiders TV broadcast caught defensive tackle Tommy Kelly saying of Kolb, “That boy’s scared.â€￾ Earlier in the game, near the end of the first quarter, Kolb took an intentional grounding penalty at his own 1-yard line and then was sacked for a safety on the next play.

    Source: Sports Illustrated
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  2. Huxley

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    Haha...I love it! That bit was the most enjoyable of the game for sure.
  3. markaz

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    This^^^. I loved it!! His quote is now part of my sig. Kelly hit the nail on the head. Only hope that the FO reads reality instead of justifying a huge mistake. Fans may not know of the ins-and-outs of the NFL, but you don't have to build stoves to know you don't stick your hand on a red hot burner.
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    hes never going to be a nfl qb again thanks for drc lol
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    Under normal circumstances saying "Screw you", I'd issue myself a yellow card and run to FC. But I understand crawling under someone's skin is enjoyable and I don't blame you. You forgot about the 2nd round pick though and the cap hit this year.

    After watching Philly and the Cards last year it was really apparent that the trade sucked even more than Kolb's being a great clipboard holder, but DRC just wasn't the impact player in the Philly defensive scheme (after landing Nnamdi Asomugha) as he was in the Cards' backfield. Lemmings here in Phoenix still talk "what if" DRC was here alongisde Patrick Peterson.

    Anyway, thanks for the stroll down memory lane, @basket. Here's to Philly losing every game this year.:beer:
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    When are teams going to learn not to overpay for Andy Reid's "back up QBs"? Feeley, Kolb,
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    Haven't you read in the papers, internet and magazines that Reid is a QB grooming genius? His cast-offs have to be good.

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