Raiders Have No Fear Of Kicking To Bears WR/KR Devin Hester

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    Raiders safety Mike Mitchell has a lot of respect for Chicago Bears return man Devin Hester, but he might need to acquaint himself with the NFL record books. Mitchell ranked Hester second in the league in terms of dangerous return men behind the Raiders’ speedy Jacoby Ford, who has four kickoff returns for touchdowns in a little more than 1 1/2 seasons in the league. Hester has three return scores this season and an NFL-record 17 combined kickoff and punt return touchdowns in his career. “He’s the best besides Jacoby, you can quote that, too,†Mitchell told Oakland media Wednesday. “Besides Jacoby, I think he’s the best returner in the league, extremely fast, he has great vision and his blockers really do a great job blocking for him, too. It’s not a lot of times you see him making guys miss. He’s getting great blocks and then he might break one tackle. They have a great punt return unit. He believes in his return unit and then obviously he’s a fearless guy and hits the hole and goes really fast.†Mitchell went on to say the Raiders won’t have any fear kicking to Hester with Shane Lechler one of the best punters in the league.

    Source: Chicago Tribune
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    Jacoby Ford is good but NO ONE IS better then Devin Hester in the return game. Be very careful what you say about kicking to Hester Raiders.
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    Famous last words.

    Didn't Dungy say the same thing in the Super Bowl? How'd that work out?
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    Dungy learned his lesson after that

    Anyone that still kicks to Devin Hester these days, i'd like to send them for a drug test.
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    Yup. No reason to ever kick to him. He's the best ever.
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    Oakland's special teams is ranked 27th in the league in covering punts and kickoffs. 14.5 yards per punt return and 21.8 yards per kickoff return.
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