Raiders QB Terrelle Pryor Says Team Hasn't Discussed A Position Change

Discussion in 'Oakland Raiders' started by SRW, Mar 24, 2012.

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    Pryor is about to begin his second season in the NFL, and he enters it as a quarterback. He dismissed rumors that the Raiders organization, which selected him Aug. 23 in the third round of the supplemental draft, asked him to switch positions. "I haven't heard them," Pryor said about the rumors. "That's not even a question. I'm still working to become the best quarterback." Pryor spent his first season in Oakland watching and learning from the sidelines. Pryor will be competing against veteran quarterback Carson Palmer -- who the Raiders acquired during the season -- and Rhett Bomar. "The new staff told us that all positions are open, so you have to battle for the position you want," Pryor said. "There is going to be some good competition. Once you get the position, you have to keep fighting for it. Like Tom Brady said, he felt he had to work hard every day, like he was going to lose his job. That's what gives him that edge that he never wanted to be behind someone. That quote right there lifted me up and picked up my spirits. To hear him say that makes me work extra hard."

    Source: Pittsburgh Tribune-Review
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    Holy crap....there's a name I totally forgot about
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    I forgot he was drafted.
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    Let you Spirit soar Terrell!!!!!!

    [ame=]Joe Cocker - up where we belong - YouTube[/ame]
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    I have a feeling the Raiders take a QB somewhere around day 2-3 this year and start to forget about TP as a prospect.

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