Rams Not Concerned With RG3's Criticisms

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    The St. Louis Rams aren't losing sleep over comments questioning their style of play from Washington quarterback Robert Griffin III.

    "We're going to play our own style of football and I'm sorry he didn't like it," said Jo-Lonn Dunbar, a fifth-year linebacker who signed with the Rams during the offseason. "I hope he has a good day."

    Griffin, the second overall selection in this year's draft with a pick obtained through a trade with the Rams, said there were plenty of things not called. He completed 20 of 29 passes for 206 yards, with a touchdown and his first career interception. He also carried the ball 11 times for 82 yards and two scores.

    "They were doing a lot of dirty things. I still think they have an extremely good team, that doesn't take anything away from them, but the game was unprofessional," he said. "Who am I to talk? I've barely been a pro for very long, but from what I experienced against the Saints compared to that game, it was definitely unprofessional and it does need to be cleaned up."

    Rams running back Steven Jackson agreed with Griffin about one thing: He has not been in the league long.

    "It's not the Big 12," Jackson said referring to the league of Griffin's alma mater, Baylor. "I don't think we're a dirty team. I think we're a team that's hungry, young and eager to make a turnaround in the franchise."

    Source: CBS Sports

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