Rate The Wrestler 6/11: Scott Hall

Discussion in 'Wrestling Talk' started by FSUViking, Jun 11, 2008.

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    "Hey, yo!" The Bad Guy. The Medium Sized Man. Multiple time IC Champ and WCW Tag Team Champion.

    I have a feeling that some people are going to really underrate Hall, but I think he was very good. Especially when he was in the WWF as Razor Ramone. Loved the Razors Edge. He was good when he was in the ring with somebody who could work with him and he could really sell a move when he had too. Going to WCW and creating the nWo and forming one of the most dominant tag teams ever with Kevin Nash. On the mic, he was one of the elite.

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    Great Mic Skills. Was a Heel, and still got the crowd behind him. And apart of a GREAT Tag Team.
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    he sucks. awful story lines and couldn't wrestle out of a paper bag.
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    He was awesome as Razor Ramone. The gimmick was, at that time, original and badbutt. I remember thinking the toothpick thing was so cool. I think the thing that people will remember most about Razor Ramone though is his ladder matches with Shawn Michaels, which were legendary and some of my absolute favorites.

    And then there was the nWo, which was the reason WCW kicked WWF's butt 60+ weeks in the ratings. Simply the ladder matches + being an original member of the nWo should pretty much seal the deal for Hall being GREAT at what he does... or well, did. It's a shame that he became a drunk and God knows what else. It's not going to be surprising to see a 'Breaking News: Scott Hall dead" post one of these days, and that's just sad.

    So, in my opinion, I'm gonna give Hall a 8/10. He will definitely be remembered for some great matches and storylines but also remembered for his bad habits. I think he has/had the talent to become so much more but his attitude and drinking changed that.
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    the best big guy to never be world champion. his mic skills were great, as was his ability to make his opponent shine. look what he did with the 1-2-3 kid. unlie his cohort nash, hall sold and sold and sold in the ring. too bad he had a lot of personal problems that followed him into the ring

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    Some people forget that Scott was 1/2 of the AWA World Tag Team champions along w/ Curt Hennig. i was watching those AWA shows on ESPN Classic the other week and Scott looked so different back then to what he looks like now