Ravens DT Haloti Ngata Says Time Off Did Him A Lot Of Good

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    It was a rare sight last Sunday to have Ravens Pro Bowl defensive tackle Haloti Ngata fully suited up and standing on the sidelines and not play a single snap.

    The Ravens opted to rest Ngata during a 55-20 rout of the Oakland Raiders due to his sprained right knee and right shoulder injury.

    Now, Ngata says he feels rejuvenated heading into Sunday night's AFC North showdown against the Pittsburgh Steelers.

    "Yeah, it was a great week," Ngata said today. "I practiced all week and felt good."

    The hope for Ngata is that the time off will provide a boost for the defense for this pivotal game.

    "That helped a lot," he said. "I didn't have to re-tweak it or anything. I felt good."

    Ngata credited Ravens coach John Harbaugh for making a good decision to give him the week off against the Raiders, especially since the game was well in hand.

    "It was just a choice, me and coach decided to do," Ngata said. "If we had started losing, I probably would have played. But they never caught up or put us in a situation where I needed to be out there."

    Source: Baltimore Sun
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    getting him back fully healthy is a big deal for this defense.
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    I'm liking that he is nowhere near "himself."

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