Ravens QB Joe Flacco Could Get The Team's Franchise Tag

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    Joe Flacco has insisted throughout the playoffs he's not concerned about his contract until after this season. And based on Ozzie Newsome's comments Tuesday at the Super Bowl Media Day, Ravens fans shouldn't be worried, either. Newsome more or less confirmed that the Ravens will use the franchise tag on Flacco if they don't get a long-term deal done before the tagging deadline by saying, "he'll be playing football for us next year." "We'll be able to get that thing done," Newsome said Tuesday. "But one thing we do know, he'll be playing football for us next year. And sometimes that's all you can look forward to is just next year."

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    Ravens QB Joe Flacco Could Get The Teams Franchise Tag

    A source that works for the Ravens, deep inside the Ravens, told me that Flacco has already told the team that he will NOT be attending any team functions until he is extended. I believe the actual quote that came through his agent was: "Tell the retarded window lickers that I'm done with them, starting Monday, unless I get my contract extension!!"

    He followed that up with: "Maybe I shouldn't use the word 'retard.'"

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