Ravens QB Joe Flacco Rips Replacement Refs After Loss Vs Eagles

Discussion in 'Baltimore Ravens' started by SRW, Sep 16, 2012.

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    Ravens quarterback Joe Flacco is going to make headlines across the country for ripping the replacement referees. The league shouldn't fine him for his comments. The NFL needs to listen to him.

    "The NFL and everybody always talk about the integrity of the game. I think this is kind of along those lines," Flacco said after the Ravens' 24-23 loss at Philadelphia. "Not to say these guys are doing a bad job, but the fact that we don't have the normal guys out there is pretty crazy."

    Flacco said he hates complaining because he doesn’t want to “sound like a baby." But Flacco's criticism of the replacement officials is warranted.

    Source: ESPN.com
  2. MediaGuy

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    Suck it up Joe. Learn from it and move on. Let it go. You can not go 16-0. Better days are ahead.
  3. Tarkus

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    It is what it is except any who openly snitch about it are just giving the NFL 'free' money...
  4. bigsexyy81

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    Everyone knows they are not as good. It's not a secret.

    This game, it seemed they called most of the glaring ones. Plenty of holds in the trenches that they missed, but that happens even with the regular officials.

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