Ravens RB Ray Rice Ready To Lead By Example

Discussion in 'Baltimore Ravens' started by DaBears22, Jun 17, 2013.

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    Ray Rice said he'd like to step into a leadership role for the Baltimore Ravens now that longtime team leader Ray Lewis is no longer with the franchise.

    Joe Flacco has already been anointed as the Ravens' new team leader by owner Steve Bisciotti when the team received its Super Bowl rings. On Saturday, Rice said he'd like to assist his quarterback with those duties.

    Entering his sixth season, the 26-year-old Rice told USA Today Sports that Lewis' mentoring has prepared him to lead by example.

    "A leadership role is something I definitely don't mind taking upon now, because I was mentored by one of the greatest leaders probably ever to play the game in Ray Lewis," the Ravens' star running back told USA Today.

    "A lot of his leading was by example, and when he spoke, everybody listened because they had that respect for him. So I think being a leader comes with how much respect people have for you. These guys look at the way I work, and they understand that my actions are going to show on the field."

    Source: ESPN
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    You can't ask for leadership. It has to be earned. Same with Cam Newton. You don't ask for the C patch, you earn it

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    Wouldn't the highest paid ever QB be your team leader???
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    One would hope so. We all know Suggs is going to be the "vocal leader". The true leader needs to come out of the locker room, like Haloti Ngata
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    all of rice's motivational talks to his teammates begin with 'Hey, diddle, diddle"

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