Ravens Vs Chiefs

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Who will win this game?

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  1. Ravens

  2. Chiefs

  1. markaz

    markaz Resident Cards Fan Staff Member

    Chiefs steal this one against the superior opponent:

    Chiefs + Arrowhead 16 Ravens 14
  2. CaptainStubing

    CaptainStubing Gave her a Dirty Sanchez

    correct, and that's why they play the game ............ if the chiefs play their best game and the ravens are just 'so so', then , sure, the chiefs can beat them. hell, ANY team in this league can beat any other team on any given sunday. to say the chiefs don't stand a chance is stupid, but i think most people feel that if both teams play their best game, the ravens are the better team.
  3. Flacco2MasonTD

    Flacco2MasonTD ಠ_ಠ

    We've scored along with every opponent we've had this season, our losses have come when we've gotten comfortable with a lead. Hopefully the veteran presence on our team leans on the coaching staff this postseason to play a full 60 minutes and just score as many points as we can every game like the Patriots do - if we do that then we're gonna be a tough out.
  4. warcrychief

    warcrychief Ur just da assistant Pimp

    the thing about da Ravens is that they play down 2 there competition. and if that happens on sunday...Chiefs will win this game.
  5. Three7s

    Three7s 1st Stringer

    What gives me hope against the Ravens is that the Ravens really don't have a big-play receiver. Sure, they have nice names like Boldin and company, but they're possession receivers at this point. The Chiefs secondary does pretty well against those types of receivers.

    If the Chiefs stop Rice, then the Ravens offense should be held in check for the most part. This game falls on the Chiefs O-line to get it done. Another performance like the one against the Raiders and it's over.
  6. bandi

    bandi Hall Of Famer

    That's what I'm sayin'...:icon_cheesygrin:
  7. Flacco2MasonTD

    Flacco2MasonTD ಠ_ಠ

    We've got 3 former pro bowl reception receivers to go with our 3 former pro bowl running backs - that's a tall order my friend.
  8. mj1987us26

    mj1987us26 Super

    I just saw an interesting fact about the Arrowhead effect in the playoffs. Since 1992 i think it was, the Chiefs are winless at home.
  9. Three7s

    Three7s 1st Stringer

    That doesn't matter. It's a fact that the Chiefs stink against speedy receivers, and last time I checked, Boldin, Housh, and Mason aren't exactly blazing anymore.
  10. Flacco2MasonTD

    Flacco2MasonTD ಠ_ಠ

    Bold statement
  11. Three7s

    Three7s 1st Stringer

    So you're not denying that they aren't possession receivers?
  12. warcrychief

    warcrychief Ur just da assistant Pimp

    the Ravens have only blown out like 2 teams all year...and 1 of them are the browns...the Chiefs are set 4 this "over the hill gang" lol
  13. Flacco2MasonTD

    Flacco2MasonTD ಠ_ಠ

    I chalk that up to coaching rather than players - hopefully we loosen the reins in the offseason.
  14. bandi

    bandi Hall Of Famer

    Now, Bowe and Waters may be out of this game with an 'illness'....nice.
  15. Three7s

    Three7s 1st Stringer

    Maybe Waters, but it looks like Bowe is fine.
  16. MRAVEN

    MRAVEN 1st Stringer

    Doesn't matter,you don't have a prayer.....
  17. ravenfan52

    ravenfan52 Perennial All Pro

  18. ravenfan52

    ravenfan52 Perennial All Pro

    24-17 and 20-10 are not blowout scores.
  19. MediaGuy

    MediaGuy Ball So Hard University

    I like my chances with this "over the hill play-off experienced gang". Have a good game Red Coats. :icon_cool:
  20. You Ravens fans are full of your freaking selves! Lmao if you really think your coming to arrowhead and crapting on us with your out of prime defense thats good but not what it once was and your possesion recievers pooping on our youthful secondary is outrageous!!!! Not to mention its in a rocking Arrowhead where we happen to be 7-1 in?

    Get out of here with your b.s. no chance at all???? you beat the bengals by 6 freaking points hahaha. We have more sacks then your team and your supposedly known for being hardcore on defense and you couldnt even sack Carson Palmer once whos been on the ground all year... haha Good Luck with your little predictions cause your egos are overriding your asses right now and you will find that out sunday.