Ray Buchanan Is Lying

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  1. We got a chance to watch Ray Buchanan on NFL Network last night as he tried to distance himself from comments attributed to him by Chris Landry of FOX Sports Radio regarding Mike Vick's involvement in dog fighting.

    Our opinion? Buchanan is lying.

    First of all, Buchanan expressed no outrage in his words or demeanor during the several minutes that he was on the air with Rich Eisen, Terrell Davis, and Jamie Dukes. At one point, he even referred to Landry as "my boy." Sorry, Ray, but if Landry went on the radio and attributed to us a bunch of inflammatory statements we didn't make, we wouldn't be referring to him with terms of endearment. Instead, the guy with the finger on the dump button would end up with instantaneous carpal tunnel syndrome.

    Source: Mike Florio, ProFootballTalk.com
  2. Omen

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    he is lying liar liar
  3. bandi

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    Honestly, who is the liar...Landry or Buchanan??
  4. Here's the deal - Buchanan, like Jamie Dukes, is a Michael Vick apologist. Pure and simple.
  5. bandi

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    OK...I don't really know anything about Landry either though....so...I have no reason to believe any of them.
  6. Omen

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    True so glad i dont have to listen to him in the mornings anymore but he is npw on TV
  7. Sweets

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    Maybe Goodell can take away their pensions now
  8. bandi

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    That would be funny!