Re-Working Overtime

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    I've never been a big fan of the NFL's current overtime system. Even though only 29 percent of all overtime games have been won on the first possession of extra time, that's 29 percent too often for me. NFL teams have only 16 regular-season games a year, and those games are too important for something as vital as first possession of the ball to be determined by a coin flip. The rule is madness. Both teams should have at least one crack at the ball in overtime.
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    I like the NFLE overtime rules. Each team get posession of the ball and if the game is still tied, first to score wins the match
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    IMO, something needs to be done.
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    IMO we should have a 10 minute OT
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    Or in the Texans case....not let Vince Young get the ball. :mrgreen: