Record Turnout For Broncos QB Peyton Manning's Camp Debut

Discussion in 'Denver Broncos' started by Sweets, Jul 26, 2012.

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    It appears Denver Broncos fans are over the loss of Tim Tebow, Manning-mania is bubbling over in the Rockies. The Denver Broncos opened training camp Thursday morning to a fan reception never seen before in these parts. An estimated 4,000-plus attended the opening day of practice to welcome Peyton Manning to Denver in his first public appearance in a Broncos helmet, the word is that late-arriving fans were having a difficult time getting into the practice. The main parking lot adjacent to the practice field was full well before practice begin and people were forced to park a mile away from the facility. The previous record for training camp at the team’s facility was just over 3,000, yes, even Tebow-mania couldn’t attract this type of crowd.

    Source: ESPN
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    its gonna be a big story all year everyone wants to know if he could come back. Im sure he will be good hes peyton manning one of the greatest of all time. Even if he was 80% of what he was still pretty good.
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    i dont think hes gonna be able to walk out of game one

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