Redskins WR Pierre Garcon Out Until At Least Week 10 Bye, Maybe Longer

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    Pierre Garcon is hoping that rest will cure a torn plantar plate in his right foot and he will be able to avoid surgery and return to the field this season.

    But there is no way of telling right now if that approach will work for the Washington Redskins wide receiver, who was injured on an 88-yard touchdown in the season opener. It could be Garcon ultimately requires surgery, according to the Washington Post, and that would end his season.

    The Redskins signed Garcon to a huge $42.5 million, five-year contract in free agency as a weapon for rookie quarterback Robert Griffin III. According to the Post, the soonest he would be back on the field with rest is some time after the team’s Week 10 bye.

    Source: National Football Post

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