Rex Ryan Calls Jets QB Mark Sanchez Interceptions 'unacceptable'

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    Rex Ryan says the pressure is on Mark Sanchez to hang on to the football. Sanchez threw three interceptions in Wednesday’s OTA practice, which Ryan called “unacceptable.â€

    “This is OTAs and things, but yeah, that’s going to be the pressure that we’re putting on him,†Ryan said. “He did a lot of great things. It’s not that you try to cover up the fact you had some bad plays -- no, no, no you flat tell him. We can’t have these and all that type of stuff. He knows.â€

    One of Sanchez’ picks went to Damon Harrison, a defensive tackle, on a play where Rex said Sanchez should have thrown the ball away. Ryan described that play, and Sanchez’ three picks as a whole, as “disappointing.â€

    “Yeah, it is. Absolutely. It’s a good thing defense makes the plays, but no, I’d rather him not turn the ball over once,†Ryan said. “He did a lot of great things, and then those negative things, at the end of the day, that’s what gets you beat. And so we've got to to do a better job of eliminating those turnovers.â€

    Source: NY Daily News

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    Who can Sanchise blaim for distractions now
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