Rex Ryan Denies Reports He Wants To Leave Jets If Changes Aren't Made

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    Rex Ryan began his press conference today with a disclaimer. "This is going to be a little different," he said.

    He then launched into a full-throated and vehement denial of a Daily News report, citing anonymous sources, that said the Jets coach would want certain changes in the organization, including replacing offensive coordinator Tony Sparano, or otherwise he would prefer getting fired.

    Ryan called the premise "garbage" and the story "untrue," and that it left him "disappointed" and "mad as a hornet."

    "This is the only team I want to coach. Period," Ryan said, repeating several times that the only team he wants to coach is the Jets and he'd like to be at the helm for the next 15 years.

    "It is very personal today," Ryan said. "To give up or quit, that’s totally the oppposite. I mentioned that. I’m not stepping down. No chance…It bothers me that I feel I have to comment on it because it was so strong out there. Anybody that knows me knows it’s ridiculous."

    He later added: "I thought the brunt of the story that unless I got my way I wanted out. There’s no chance I want out."

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    [ame=]Ryan: 'Jets are my team' - NFL Videos[/ame]

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