Rex Ryan Says Jets Have Enough Talent Despite Loss Of Darrelle Revis, Santonio Holmes

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    Despite the loss of one of the best defensive players in the NFL in Darrelle Revis and their best offensive player in Santonio Holmes, Rex Ryan still feels the Jets have enough talent to make an impact.

    "I think we are a very talented group. I don’t think there’s any question," Ryan said. "Some of our talent may look different. I think we have a very talented offensive line, for instance. Now we’re not going to be talented if you’re gonna test them in the 40 (yard dash). It’s a talented group that way. We have some young defensive linemen that I think are very talented. Their future is it’s going like this but I need to get them here quick. They may not be here yet but we need to get there with that group. So I feel great about our talent."

    Usually, Ryan begins a press conference by talking about the star power on the opposing team. This week he mentioned Matt Schaub and Andre Johnson, among others. He didn't deny that he wouldn't mind a few of the Texans' players on his team, but he feels that despite the injuries, Houston coach Gary Kubiak would feel the same way.

    "Oh absolutely," Ryan said. "There’s no question he’d like to have some of our guys. The way I feel, there might be some players in this league I’d trade for, no question, but I wouldn’t trade this team. That’s who we are, that’s my mentality. I think we have the group right here to get it done. And that’s how I’ve always felt and that’s what we’re going to show."

    Source: The Star-Ledger
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    No Rex, just no.
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    How much talent do you really need to get blown out???
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    They didn't have enough talent even before they went out.
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    Enough talent to do what...?
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