Robber Gangs Terrorize Colorado Pot Shops

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    One thief, posing as a delivery man, pulled a can of bear mace on employees and ransacked their marijuana shop, fleeing in a defensive cloud of “ultra-pepper” spray. Another opened the wall of a dispensary with an ax and attacked the store’s safe with a circular saw. Still another stuck to the basics. He kicked in the front door and pointed his gun at the counterman. An accomplice kicked in the back door and filled a duffel bag with more than $10,000 worth of high-quality cannabis.

    For weeks now, the Mile High state has allowed the sale of recreational pot to adults, and so far the Rockies still stand. But crimes like the ones above, all of which occurred in Colorado in the last six months, have produced an acid-drip of anxiety in the industry, highlighting the dangers faced by those hoping to drag America’s most popular illegal drug into the light. Because marijuana remains banned by Congress, banks and security firms deny services to most dispensaries. That leaves them cash-based and vulnerable, a magnet for criminals who like the idea of unguarded counting rooms and shelves lined with lucrative horticulture.
  2. Tarkus

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    No one saw this coming???

    Must be sampling their own product...
  3. Buck Fenson

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    hire your own security.
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    No different than Liquor stores.
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    people rob mcdonald's stores everyday.

    ZOMG we have to shut them down too !!!!! :moe:
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    Those are some expensive pots. How many pots could one guy fit in a duffel bag and have it add up to $10,000? Thems must be some Williams and Sonoma Pots!
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    fix the pot stores like you do all those jewelery stores in the big cities!
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