Roger Goodell Says Saints Targeted The Panthers Last Year

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    In a memo to all 32 NFL teams announcing the revised punishment from the alleged three-year bounty program run by the New Orleans Saints, NFL commissioner Roger Goodell revealed a significant detail about a 2010 game with Carolina.

    In a previous memo, Goodell wrote that the Saints had a bounty on Carolina quarterback Cam Newton last season. In a section of this letter, Goodell details how the Saints rewarded defensive players for injuring opponents.

    He referred to a 2010 game in which the New Orleans defense was commended for three “cart-offs’’ and one player placed on injured reserve.

    “In that game,’’ Goodell wrote. “Three Carolina players were seriously injured: running backs Jonathan Stewart and Tyrell Sutton, who were literally carted off the field with a head/neck and ankle injury, respectively, and quarterback Matt Moore, who was later placed on injured reserve, unable to return for the remainder of the season, with a torn labrum. These all satisfied (defensive coordinator Gregg) Williams’ definition of cart-offs: ‘big hits that resulted in an opposing player leaving the game due to the hit."

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    Maybe it's just me, but just because three guys got injured in that game doesn't necessarily mean there was a bounty on them...
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    If Godell says it, it has to be true. NOT

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