Roger Goodell Says There’s ‘Need’ For New Stadium In Atlanta

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    The question was put to NFL commissioner Roger Goddell as he stood on the Falcons’ current field Sunday night.

    Why should taxpayers help to foot the bill for a new home for Arthur Blank’s team?

    “Well, I think there’s a recognition that they do need a new stadium,†Goddell said before the Falcons played the Cowboys at the Georgia Dome. “The question is, how do you do something that makes sense for the community and how do you combine that with what they want to do with the (World) Congress Center? And do it in a way that’s responsible and creates more activity. That’s what the discussion is on both sides.â€

    The Falcons are seeking partial public financing for a $1 billion retractable-roof stadium to be built in downtown Atlanta. The new stadium would replace the 20-year old Georgia Dome, which is operated by the Georgia World Congress Center Authority.

    Source: Atlanta Journal Constitution

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