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  1. eilefson

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    Going forward, who do you like ... O Beckman (CLE) or T Williams (OAK) (Team #!)
  2. Kurt

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    Starting in week 10 OBJ should see improved play (its really his o-line). His talent is transcending and the big games are coming soon.

    T Williams, has been hot for sure. His schedule is a dream but his FOOT injury is a major concern going forward. He had a hip pointer and now it's his foot. I loved Tyrell coming into the season and own him in many leagues however all the work he is having to put in (lots more than his previous seasons) is proving to be an issue. Does he come back healthy and finish the season strong? Or will you be dealing with injury tags all year?

    Best case scenario is you hold both for a week or 2 and hope for production, then trade them =)