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Discussion in 'Fantasy Football Advice' started by eilefson, Sep 20, 2019.

  1. eilefson

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    Looking at my "Team 1", where I'm thin on WR and thinking I should be more balanced.

    Current RBs on my roster are;
    E Elliott (DAL), D Williams (KC), M Ingram (BAL), C Carson (SEA), J Conner (PIT), M Mack (IND)

    Current WRs on the wire;
    DJ Chark Jr (JAX), M Gallup (DAL), DK Metcalf (SEA), M Hardman (KC), C Samuel (CAR), W Fuller V (HOU)

    Do you have any recommendations of who to drop and who to pick up. I know DJ has played this week and Gallup is out for another couple weeks, however I'm looking for balance with the bye weeks approaching as well.

  2. Kurt

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    you are so stacked at RB.. your profile doesnt show bench players.. or perhaps some of those guys ARE your bench players. either way.. could you not make a 2 for 1 trade with someone that is weak at RB and strong at WR? id package Conner and D Williams. keep the others.

    love Gallop a ton. If I had to drop any of the guys you listed Id look at Conner. DJ has been a beast but I cant see teams letting him have single coverage with no saftey over the top for much longer. kid can play. tough call. id go Gallop. better team etc