Roy Halladay Completely Destroyed a Reds Fan on Twitter

Discussion in 'Baseball Talk' started by 86WARD, Jul 14, 2014.

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    Oh my God Roy Halladay is eviscerating haters on Twitter. I’m not even sure how to process this.

    After Halladay posted about Green Man wearing a horse head and playing the buckets…


    … a Reds fan took a swing at our favorite pilot…


    … who responded in the best way humanly possible:


    IF ONLY HE USED THE RIGHT “YOU’RE!” But we won’t hold that against him. The Reds fan limped away, and shared a good laugh with the good Doctor:


    Tail between the legs.

    Meanwhile, dang ol’ Hickory Farms dat der tractor gon’ need sum drivin’ Roy Oswalt launched his own campaign against the haters:

    Somehow that wasn’t as cool as Doc’s response. But I still miss R2C2.

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    Doc continues to rule.
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    thats pretty cool.
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    Mr. D?

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