Ryan Mathews Says Chargers Tuned Out Coach Norv Turner

Discussion in 'San Diego Chargers' started by SRW, Mar 29, 2013.

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    The San Diego Chargers basically tuned out Norv Turner last year and that's what led to the 7-9 record, according to Chargers running back Ryan Mathews.

    "I think we were just complacent," Mathews said Friday on 'NFL AM.' "The time that we spent there -- we spent a lot of time there -- it was the same thing over and over again. There wasn't anything new.

    "I think he did everything he could to try to make us win, no doubt about it. I just think we really got complacent to where we were and what we were doing and thought we were owed to win games."

    Turner ran the show with the Chargers for six seasons, made the playoffs for the first three and was left out of the last three. Players won't respond to hearing the same message the same way for a long period of time. That's the challenge for coaching staffs. In the end, sometimes there's a need for a new voice in the room.

    "We all had the talent," Mathews said. "I think it was just going through the same routine, doing the same thing over and over again. You go there and you do what you gotta do to get ready for practice, go to practice, get out of practice.

    "It was kind of just a routine thing, it wasn't something new. I think the new coaches being in here is going to be good for us."

    Source: NFL.com
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    Who'd want to go coach their after this statement.

    Bunch of heckinb quitters.

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    It is garbage, but the Cowboys did the same exact thing to Wade Phillips.
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    Well, thanks. We got a coordinator out of it with whom I hope to be very happy.
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    Agreed and I was pisses about it too

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