Ryan Watenpaugh Fed Dog To Girlfriend, Cops Say

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    A Pale Cedro, Calif. man allegedly cooked his ex-girlfriend's beloved pet Pomeranian and served the animal to her for dinner, and that's not all. The spurned suitor followed up the disgusting meal by sending the woman a text message asking how her dog tasted. Unfortunately, the gruesome situation grew even worse when the man left dismembered bits of the dog on the woman's doorstep. It was the culmination of months of terror that the woman reportedly endured at the hands of Ryan Watenpaugh. Dog lovers everywhere are horrified at the details of this sick situation.

    Prior to the nauseating incident with the dog, Ryan Watenpaugh and the unidentified woman from Redding, Calif. were romantically involved for several months, according to a Sept. 12, 2014 report by USA Today. Following multiple alleged domestic violence incidents, the woman ended the relationship. After a violent spat in August, the woman left her apartment to get away from Watenpaugh. She escaped through the back door of the apartment, leaving her dog behind. When she returned, the 34-year-old man was gone. So was her dog, a Pomeranian named Bear.

    In September, the woman briefly reconciled with her former flame. He cooked her dinner. Days later, she received a horrifying text message from Ryan Watenpaugh about the dog, asking how Bear tasted. He also threatened
    to return her dog's paws to her. Perhaps as proof that he wasn't joking, he left a package at her doorstep that contained two of the animal's dismembered paw
    What a sick MFer...

    BBQ sauce on Pomeranian??? He should be drawn & quartered just for that alone...
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    What team does he play for?
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    He looks like a Cowboy. Goodell already wiped the books of any proof he was in the league though. They're getting good at this.

    Fur realz tho, this dude is nuts. There's practically no meat on there.
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    A-1 would have been better. Weirdos like that gets dates but someone nice killer like me can't get one. What is this world coming to?
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    I Heard she had a WOFF time choking it down!:buttrock::jumping::BFD:
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