Saints Get Testy, Fight Ensues During Practice

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    The New Orleans Saints have endured a frustrating offseason for obvious reasons. The offense -- missing its quarterback and head coach -- had a particularly rough Wednesday morning. Backup quarterback Chase Daniel was repeatedly picked off and his passes kept getting broken up, NFL Network's Ian Rapoport reports that linebacker Curtis Lofton touched Daniel after one play, which touched off a fracas. Daniel threw the ball at Lofton, someone yelled "stay off the quarterback!" and pushing and shoving commenced. Practice fights are a rite of summer. Fights usually pick up in volume in training camp, when the hitting truly starts and the players are more ornery, but the Saints have plenty to be ornery about now so they got started early. Rapoport tells us the fighting lasted a minute before everyone got back to work.

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    .....enter Breesus to make all right again....sign here :icon_deal:
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    and on the other hand.....someone on our defense actually caught the freaking ball
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    I wonder how much money each guy got for hurting the other.

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