Saints LB Jonathan Vilma Has Had Three Procedures Performed On Left Knee

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    As Saints LB Jonathan Vilma continues to fight back against the season-long suspension that will in essence rob him of valuable rehabilitation time with the Saints' medical staff at the team's Metairie headquarters, it was revealed that Vilma's career - suspension notwithstanding - could indeed be at a perilous crossroad. In a span of eight months - beginning in November and stretching into earlier this month - Vilma has had three procedures on his left knee, including a relatively obscure, non-intrusive, blood-spinning procedure that Vilma traveled to Germany to have done, according to affidavits filed by Vilma and Saints trainer Scottie Patton in federal court. While it was widely known that Vilma's gimpy knee had caused him problems throughout last season and spanned into the offseason, the severity of his injury hadn't been made public until the court documents were filed this week as part of Vilma's case to have a federal judge issue an injunction that'll allow Vilma, who has been suspended for his alleged role in the Saints' bounty scandal, to be re-instated and continue to rehab at the Saints' facility. It remains unclear exactly how much longer Vilma will need to recover from his procedures, however. Messages left with Vilma's agent and Saints personnel seeking comment on the linebacker's medical status Tuesday were not immediately returned.

    Source: The Times-Picayune

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