Saints QB Drew Brees Limps Off Field, Gets Ankle Taped On Sidelines, Returns To Game

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    Talk about a terrifying moment for Saints fans: with New Orleans already down 15 points against the Panthers, Drew Brees nearly got sacked on a third down and, as Greg Hardy threw him the ground, his ankle rolled up underneath the defensive end.

    Brees limped around on the field, hobbled over to the Saints sideline and then tried to walk off the injury before having it taped.

    It was a nasty-looking injury, as Brees' left leg was twisted up under Hardy when the two came crashing to the ground. Brees threw the ball away and was called for intentional grounding.

    He came back under center on the next play, but it's an injury that still warrants watching - especially with the Saints having only 15 minutes remaining to mount a comeback in Charlotte.

    Source: CBS Sports

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