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Discussion in 'San Francisco 49ers' started by kchubb, May 8, 2009.

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    Ha... i just signed up on here and I am already annoyed by you owens. Ohhhhh another very creative barb there at the end of your post...

    As a niners fan it is getting harder and harder to stay optimistic... we've been rebuilding for a looooong time now and we all know it. But come on man, you're super annoying and I thin you're being far too harsh on Singletary... as much as he hasn't proven anything yet, he hasn't failed... far from it.
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    Tough luck for you then....if you want happy go lucky go back to the 49ers official board...if you want a reality check you can find me here...
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    Awww you 2 get along... the HILL will change our franchise for the good :)
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    Happy go lucky? I just like to think positive. We've made improvements, no? Do you want Nolan back? I hope not, so we're better there. Our wide outs have improved and got some experience. We're going into the season with a qb who was successful last year. Coffee is a step up from Foster. We were 7-9 last year... 2 yards from a .500 season.
    How can you be so negative? I understand wanting results and wanting to be successful... but bashing your team...? I'm not expecting us to win a Super Bowl this year... but the pieces we are putting into place now are much better than the past and it seems like we have some sort of direction... which is much more exciting than the last several years.
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    Where have we made improvements? Foster over Coffee how? Did you travel to the future to find out how well he plays for us? same with Singletary? Nolan won games late in the year every year as well...start flat finish strong when they don't count...glad your on board with tired of the same old "we're getting better" bs spewed from my fellow 49er fans...we're not getting better...we are doing the same...and its the blindly optimistic fans that keep the front office and coaching staffs safe despite their ineptitudes...thats why I can be negative..The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over and over without learning a damn thing from tired of justifying insanity...
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    We have defiantly improved. One, we get rid of Nolan. Foster is at the end of this career and was awful. Coffee we got at a great value who I'm excited about. We've improved our receiving core in two ways. 1) Our younger guys have a year under their belt and get the chance to play under a future HOFer 2) we've added Jones and Crabtree, who was arguable the best receiver in the draft. I'm not entrusting the future of our team in a guy who has never caught a ball in the NFL, but he's a play maker...
    We are starting the season with a guy who gained a whole lot of confidence after last year which is something we haven't started a season with since Garcia left.

    So just because you've heard it all before doesn't mean that you have to be completely blind to it when it starts happening. I'm not saying it will... for all i know they come out and lose 16 games next year. But personally I like our direction and I think it is different than years past. We weren't playing football... or at least not a type I'm proud of. Now we have someone who is showing some fire, something we haven't seen out of the 9ers for a long time... maybe it's all smoke but you know the guy is passionate and that tends to rub off on teams.

    In 2005 the 9ers won 2 of their last 7... 06 and 07 they won 3 of their last 7... and last year they win 5 of their last seven. IMPROVEMENT. "But we always do this!!" No, we don't. We haven't done THAT in a long time... and the teams we did it against were a lot better than those lowly division rivals we beat at the end of previous years. And heaven FORBID you give Mike any credit for the complete change in mentality. With Nolan we had a guy who would cat foot around in the media calling out his qb... Mike will come straight out and kick your butt off the field if you're not give 100%. He has high expectations and expects the same out of his players. And what happens? We go on a little run starting with a hard fought battle that the OC blew against the NFC champs... 3 weeks after they took out the most talented team in the league.

    Maybe I'm being unrealistic... but at least I'm excited. Very well could be an illusion but I can't WAIT for football season... and I'm certainly not writing off my team before workouts start...
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    Added brandon jones is significant? seriously? lol How is he a step above Hill, or even Battle? Morgan? The guy should never have been signed just like Huard...When you have someone of equal average skillsets you don't keep piling them on..thats not improvement, its keeping things the same...

    This whole scheme they are developing reeks of the same thing starting over again, trying to implement an offense and defense that doesn't have the right type of personnel to execute it...just like nolan....thats been the problem with everyone of our coaches...they are so hardheaded about how they want their team to play in certain systems instead of developing a offensive/defensive system that utilizes the actual players they have....When Singletary steps out of his dream land and realizes that we're not a "smash mouth" team, and that we have more finesse players than "smash mouth" players, then maybe he can pull his head out of his butt unlike Nolan..until then, im not convinced anything is changing..

    And I love how the Singletary going off on Vernon has someone given him this instant credibility...Guess what, we all know Nolan was a cat, that just amplifies Singletary's move..its not something great, its just something you'd expect from a coach.....

    in '07 the 49ers won 2 of their last 3, 3 of our last 6 and all of a sudden Hill was going to be our qb and we were moving in the right direction..strike 1

    in '06 it was 2 of our last 3....5 of our last seems familiar....everyone thought we were going to make a move in '07....sleeper team...49ers...blah blah blah..nolans job safe again because fans got optimistic..strike 2

    in '05 we won our last 2......strike 3

    I like how you extend things to make them seem like I was making crap up..they finish strong when the games don't count and it somehow makes things look like they weren't so bad and that we're going in the right direction..fact is..they aren't...
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    The difference that you seem to be ignoring here is that after Nolan's week 8 firing they were 5-3 and very easily could of been 6-2... i don't see how that means nothing...
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    The same reason Nolan winning 5 of the last 9 with a chance to go 7-2 in those last 9 games means crap...its all after they are out of games that actually count and then maybe i'll believe they have a shot..or how about they actually break .500 by midseason...lets not go 2-1 and then lose 4 or 5 in a row followed by a .500 or better stretch performance when we are already out of it..
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    You do realize this is the exact point that Nolan was fired, right?

    Give the guy a chance... It's not a knock on Singletary that "they do this every year." When he was given the job what did they do? And better yet, they did it against teams that were still in it. Those teams hadn't given up yet. In many ways it's MORE impressive for a team that has nothing to play for to handle a team that does.

    My problem with your argument is that you refuse to equate the changes made with the ensuing result. Look at the timing of the two huge changes, QB and coach, and the result that followed. I'm not saying this is 100% the reason, so I'll some grant you that yeah the games might not of mattered blah blah blah it was the end of the season, whatever. But you out right refuse to even see ANY correlation between the two, which is just being stubborn.
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    Its not a plus for singletary either...its funny how people have automatically proclaimed him better than Nolan when he hasn't even done anything yet...he's won games late in the year when we were already out of it..and he barely got a victory against the lowly rams on complete want to proclaim we were 6-2 if we beat the cardinals, what about the completely garbage coaching job he did against the Rams? oh you forget that because we got bailed out by the rams pitiful ineptitude on defense, a hailmary prayer from hill that somehow slipped through...

    my problem with you is that you refuse to realize that the team did the same damn thing under doesn't factor if the other teams were playing games that mattered its the fact that our team chokes when OUR games matter...once it doesn't matter for them they start playing good football...and its the same year in and year out...

    before anyone says singletary is the answer or is better than nolan, at least make the guy prove it..all he's done so far is make an butt out of himself IMO....he needs to just shut his mouth and PROVE IT...thats all im asking before everyone annoints this great change of direction for the team.....