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    As I mentioned in another thread, we are going to protest against the folding of the NFLE. Even knowing it wont help much, we are not about to give up flightless.

    Some of you didnt care for the NFLE and I wont blame you fort his. For me this development league had become a very important part of my life, as it had for tons of other people here at Europe. Europe yes, its not a German thing, its European. Why? Players from all European countries try out for a spot on the teams rosters, plus people from Japan and Mexico. The NFLE was a great spot for talented players, to make their way to the NFL and for inexperienced referees it is a way to get practice too. This is all gone now. Strange thing is, under Tagliabue the owners vote 28-4 to keep the NFLE at least till 2010, disregarded the costs. After Godell took over, all in a sudden none of the owners want to keep the NFLE because of the costs.

    Here is a link to a fan based page,with a list to sign in.
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    Vikings fans are signing it like crazy. Hoping for some kind of league where Tarvaris Jackson can showcase his talent.
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    I've added my protest.
  4. First the German destroy Chrysler and now NFLE :D :D :D

    Just joking my man I have added my protest as well.

    On another note when we protested the Millen regime it lead to great pictures some if you get the chance to picket....
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    Added by solidarity.
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    already done
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